Monday, September 8, 2014

Hongdae Mural Street

In Hongdae there are a few alleys where people have painted murals near Hongik University. I read about it when I was researching things to do in Hongdae so I decided to check it out. Its very interesting.

More Pictures:

How to get there:

Line 2 at Hongdae station, exit #9. Go inside the street and turn right at the second alley. Walk straight and cross the street. Turn left and walk up the hills until you see the front gate of Hongik University. Cross the street.When you see the university sign go over to the right and there is a small alley. All of the murals are not in the same alley. There are 2-3 alleys that you can go down and see murals.


Nichole Tan said...

Hi!:) i know this comment is about a year late haha, but approx how long did you take to view the murals for how many alleys?

Valerie Knight said...

Probably a few hours, but I was stopping and taking pictures and videos so I took my time at each one.